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Local Democratic media platform for citizens and municipalities.

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have no local digital outdoor channels
to communicate what they do

have no local outdoor channels
to get their voices out

have no local outdoor channels
to promote what they do



With Motion Catcher, municipalities can inform about: transportation, local events, local areas development, etc.

Dispatch alerts on traffic or weather and use the network for emergency communications (e.g.terror attack, fire, earth quake, etc) on the interested areas.

The platform will ensure less paper pollution in the cities since we use:
- solar panel battery and e-ink paper screen
- each unit is designed to contain an evergreen plant



Motion Catcher platform will empower citizens with a democratic media platform they can use to communicate: petition, activities, art, cultural and political initiatives, etc.

The platform will give visibility also to local activity announcements, sport associations (e.g. yoga, Martial arts, dance, etc), events.



Motion Catcher platform will help the growth of local business (locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy) because they will be able to comunicate what they do.

We will help small shops to survive the de-facto monopolies of big international chains with an affordable and effective local advertising platform utilising the "pay for what you get model" that revolutionised on-line advertising
(google, facebook, etc)



We use e-ink screens to get low noise and low energy consumption, a standard PC and camera sensor.

Computer vision and machine learning algorithms to understand if someone is watching and how long enabling a “Pay-Per-View”  space selling model.

This make publishing spaces on the screens affordable, effective and accessible to citizens and small business.



Our software understand if someone is watching a display and show more informations only if they are attentive.
( video on the right)
With Motion Catcher you can:
- Create targeted omni-channel campaigns
- Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)
- Create interactive, accessible and effective advertising
- Adjust the contents in real-time

Get extra revenue from selling advertising space to distributors

More Attention

Motion Catcher SMART ADV gather between 40% and 100% more attention than normal adv.

More Efficiency

Promotion based on location and demographics datas are up 56 times more effective than generic ones.

More Results

40% costumers have visited an advertised store after seeing a personalised offer on a digital screen.

An all-in-one (hardware+software)  intelligent advertising system based on anonymous video analytics (AVA) and machine learning.



MotionCatcher is an intelligent advertising system allowing you to SAVE TIME ,SAVE MONEY and MAXIMIZE the ADVERTISING EFFECT



No Data storage

We don't collect any information that is uniquely associated to any individual. All video processing is performed locally in real time so that no image or video is recorded or transmitted.

No face recognition

We do not not use any form of facial recognition, the software as been created with "privacy by design" principles, we do not attempt identify any person "we just detect a face"

No tracking

We count and describe only the attentive audience which show interest in the content in the screen. We forget about that audience as soon as it has walked out of the field of view of the video sensor.


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